Overworked. Overlooked. Overwhelmed. Overdone.
Protect Your Peace
Can you relate to the following: You have been/are the "strong friend," you've given of yourself until you've given up on yourself, you've been great at becoming the human doing...and now, you just do not know how to be.

"World War Me" has been your battle, and now your soul is on burnout. The seemingly unfair experiences of life creating constant inconvenient disruptors through broken relationships, missed opportunities, and unhealthy internal dialogue have weighed you down and you feel irreparable; all while emotionally frustrated and spiritually spent. These moments do not feel okay, and you are unsure if you are [okay].

In the summer of 2016, I had the most undeniably, cataclysmically detrimental breakdown of my entire existence. My twenties failed me, and I them. And there I was, pitiful.
Broke, Broken, Bound & Busted, and unable to breathe through the apparently synchronized stumbles I incurred in my life, up until that point. And on this July summer night, I heard a voice that was preparing me for a journey of rehabilitation; which would take entire four years to complete.
Suffering spiritual anguish, emotional dissonance and characterizing a spiritual vagabond, this voice whispered to my wailing femininity: 
"Breathe, and Protect Your Peace."
Share this journey with me, as we walk through the Seven Virtues of Sacred Sanity. 
Protect Your Peace is for you if:
  • You're Ready to Heal Yourself
  • You've Lost Your Voice, Identity & Sense of Self
  • Broken Relationships Have You Questioning Yourself
  • Your Being Good is Not Good Enough
  • Your Secrets Have Added Shame to You, and They Need to Be Silenced, NOW
  • You're Ready to Be (Re)Inspired
  • A Newer Version of You is Awaiting to Emerge
"The New Book, Taking Self-Care In Its Rawest Form to a Deeper & More Sacred Level..."
Meet @LoveSekhmet
The Seven Virtues of Sacred Sanity
What's Next?! 
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News Flash: It's Okay, to Not Be Okay
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